Contemporary functional pottery with modern black and white designs.

From hand carved geometric mountains to urban graffiti street elements, each series highlights the colours of your food and drink.

Hand made with ♥ in Vancouver by Serena Chu.



Featured Collections








Geometric Mountain


This line is all about the play with contrast.  Black and white colours, glossy tops and matte geometric mountains, smooth interior and uppers and textured bottoms.  Each piece has a unique design and is carved by hand.  The sets are intended to be interchangeable to mix and match.

You have a choice between all black or half white and half black.














Urban Graffiti


The Urban Graffiti collection started as a cheeky idea of taking elements out of street alleys and putting it on classy porcelain.  Original graffiti tags were created and airbrushed onto each piece to create a unique piece.  Brickwork is hand carved at the bottom.  A play between a little bit of gritty scenery that you bring indoors to use as tableware.











Inner Cat


Original illustrations of cat skeletons and skulls with a special silkscreen technique for ceramics.  Inspired by my tuxedo moustache cat Unagi, these black and white designs are especially durable and will not chip off as they live under the glaze instead of above like decals.














Ceramic Jewelry


Why not wear a piece of art?  A variety of handcrafted earrings and necklaces with designs from existing collections as well as some new styles.  Whether it’s airbrushed, hand carved or have special glaze formulas, these statement pieces are one-of-a-kind.