Ajisen ramen

This cute ramen restaurant is fairly  new in Toronto in chinatown.  We ventured in to be accosted by hot pink chairs and long tables meant to be shared by smaller parties.  There are a million and one ramen places in Vancouver and wanted to see how Toronto faired with the ones back home.

Ajisen ramen

The menu is huge!  Most typical ramen places in Vancouver give you about 6 options but this menu was so big it was a little harder to decide.  I settled on a lamb ramen that had little description on what kind of broth was used.  The wait staff is efficient but hardly knows anything about what’s in the soup or didn’t really care to share.

The ramen was well cooked, a little al dente and the creamy broth had a nice smokey flavour from the deep fried garlic flakes.  Lamb was quite gamey (which I like) and it came with the regular fixings like half an egg, bean sprouts and green onion.  At $7.50 it was a little on the pricey side but the interior is nice and bright!

It’s a fun, cheapish restaurant that harbours a lot of customers during lunch time but the abundance of tables almost guarantees no wait time.

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