girlie baby crochet cardigan and hat…

baby cardigan and hat urbanpocketknife

A couple of climbing friends of ours are having a baby any minute now and it was the perfect excuse to make an outfit for their wee one.  Crocheting baby clothes is awesome.  Not only is it quick, but you learn how garments are put together and if you mess up a section, it’s not so heartbreaking taking it apart and starting all over again.

This pattern was a mishmash between 3 free pattern I found online, no sewing required!  I estimated it to be sized around 3 months but who knows, she’ll be able to wear it at some point when it’s still chilly out.

baby crochet hat theurbanpocketknife

Who knows if she’ll even keep this darn thing on but this little hat worked up super fast!

baby cardigan sweater theurbanpocketknife

I haven’t ventured into the world of button and buttonholes in crocheting so I made two little ties to keep this cardigan together.  Plus my sewing skills aren’t totally up to par so a baby choking on a button that I didn’t sew on properly is a little less than ideal.

Congrats to my friends and their soon to be born little gal!

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