Chu Chu

Serena is a visual artist originally from Toronto with a BFA from York University.  She has always dabbled in various media and has most recently discovered a love for pottery, especially with black and white themes and carved geometric designs.

With her graphic design background, she focuses on contemporary designs with her art.

You can find her in Vancouver teaching a variety of workshops, coding on her laptop, up to her elbows in her studio, or selling at artisanal markets.

Brand Specialist |Pottery | Knit & Crochet | Preserves | Jewellery Design



Chu Chu’s pottery is predominately a mix of porcelain and stoneware.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe, however it is advised to hand wash to avoid chips.  The clay and glazes used are food safe.


“I fell in love with pottery as soon as I got my hands on it.  In university I dabbled a lot in sculpture so I was instantly familiar with shape and forming within a three dimensional media.  What’s great about it is that people actually use it, potentially daily so you feel like you’re bringing a smile to their morning coffee or dinner party.  Working with clay is unique as a lot of it is based on feeling with your hands and not necessarily just visual sight.  I love experimenting with different techniques and laughing at all the failures.  Currently I’m obsessed with black and white themes because it seems so clean and versatile.  Plus it makes food look amazing!”
– Serena Chu


Chu Chu’s studio resides in Octopus Studios in Gastown.  A shared space with up to 30 artists in varying medias that include painters, silversmiths, candle makers, beauty products, home decor, textiles and of course potters!  We collaborate often and each one brings a different set of talents to the studio.  We are also a large teaching environment with several workshops run by different instructors under the umbrella Soigne Atelier.


A big thank you to Amy Huynh for her photography skills which is demonstrated on most of this site!

The ever so generous Beata Kacy who has been an inspiration this past year as my studio manager and now friend, she even let’s me do a photo shoot at her place!

My dear friend Ray Wong for creating this website for me because he knows I hate working on my own stuff and endures my picky preferences.

To everyone that has helped me at holiday markets with setup, take down and selling, those that were stand in models and ones that press like on Instagram or Facebook….thank you for supporting Chu Chu while she’s adding on more work to her evenings and weekends!