FAQ for Classes

Have some questions about classes?  Take a look at our faq below to find your answers!


 1.  How do I register for a class?

Take a look at our class calendar at the bottom of our classes page and find the class you want to attend.  The top of the calendar has quick instructions on how to register.  We also have two handy dandy links to help you register step by step depending on if you are registering directly or have already purchased a Groupon .


2.  Where are you located?

We teach at the front classroom at Octopus Studios located at 393 Powell Street.  The classroom is shared by several instructors teaching 30+ classes a month combined.  The schedule you see is for Chu Chu Classes only.


3.  I can not attend any classes that are on the schedule, are there more classes coming?

Classes are displayed only 4-5 weeks in advance, please check back for more future classes.


4.  Do you offer weekend classes?

It is rare that we offer these shorter workshops on the weekend as those days are reserved for instructors’ that teach all day classes.  We share the studio with 7 other instructors and run about 30+ classes.  

Our hours are Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm, on top of running these classes, we also work in web design, graphic design and ceramics.


5.  May I request a date and time for a class I want to attend?

Unfortunately you may not set the time and date of a class if you have purchased a Groupon as these are group classes that are pre-scheduled.  You may not use your Groupon for a private class however if you pay direct, you may request a quote for a private class.


6.  Can kids or youth join your classes?

Chu Chu classes are designed for 18+ only, you may request to bring a minor by contacting classes@chuchu.ca.  Please note that is up to the instructor’s discretion to allow any minors and they must be accompanied by an adult that is also taking the class.


7.  May I accompany someone taking the class but not actually take the class myself?

No, we do not allow spectators in the classroom, you must be a paying student to attend a workshop.


8.  Help!  My Groupon is expiring soon and I can not attend one of the classes posted on the schedule!

We do allow students to book a class for a future date past the expiry date as long as they do so before the voucher expires.  Groupon policy states that the voucher amount never expires but if you book a class after the expiry date you will have to pay the difference of the full amount.  All our Groupon vouchers give 4 months from the date of purchase for you to book a class to fit in with your schedule.


9.  What is your cancellation policy?

We allow registered students to cancel up to 48 hours before the start of their class with no penalty.


10.  Help!  I need to cancel my class but it’s after the 48 hour cancellation policy.

If you cancel under 48 hours refunds or re-booking may not be available.  In some cases there is a cancellation fee in order to re-book a cancelled class, please contact us at classes@chuchu.ca for further instructions.


11.  Why do you ask for cash exact change for GST and material fees?

We often have very full classes and it takes a lot of time to process each person if everyone needs change or needs to use the machine.  Bringing exact change makes the sign in much speedier and allows us to start the class on time!


12.  Why do we have to be at class 10-15 minutes early?

Students need time to get settled, sign in and pay any fees necessary.  Coming a bit early insures that we start the class on time.


13.  Can I arrive even earlier than 10-15 minutes early and hang out?

No, the door will be locked until 15 minutes before the start of class.  This is to insure previous classes can finish up, set up can be completed or the instructor can finish their break.


14.  What happens if I am late?

Generally you will be not allowed admittance as demos for all classes start right at the beginning of class and you will be unable to catch up nor can the instructor repeat it for late comers.


15.  Is there parking at Octopus Studios?

Yes!  There is plenty of street meter parking on Powell St for $1/hour and some free spots on the neighbouring streets.  We recommend using the PayByPhone app as the meters are sometimes jammed.  Please note we are not responsible for any parking issues you may have as we do not work for the city.


16.  May I bring my bicycle into the studio?

No, we do not have enough room in the studio to store your bike.  Please lock it up outside or if you feel it’s unsafe, use a different mode of transportation.


17.  Are we sitting or standing in class?  Is your studio wheelchair accessible?

Some of our classes are standing only and some we sit.  If you require a chair and are unsure if the class you’re attending is sitting or standing, please email us and we can try and make arrangements.  Unfortunately our studio is not the most wheelchair friendly as we have a narrow door opening with a lip . Please email us if you would like more information.


18.  Is there a bathroom at Octopus Studios?

Yes there is!


19.  Can we throw out our garbage at Octopus Studios?

We are a disposable food container free building.  In efforts to reduce waste, we have implemented a no single use container or packaging use in our studio that includes all of our artists and students.


20.  Can we store our paintings at Octopus Studios after class?

We do not have room to store any paintings at the studio, drip trays are provided for you to take your paintings home with you and we recommend you bring an umbrella if it is raining to help with transporting to your vehicle.

If you have any questions, please contact us at classes@chuchu.ca